Why would you choose cheap elo boost from Get-Elo.com?

  • Price - we are the cheapest boosting service out there. If you find better prices on a professional boosting website, please send us a message, and we will beat the competition with much better offer and our fast elo boost!
  • We are Anonymous – our boosters are professional and will never speak to anyone while playing on your account. Booster can appear offline on LoL Client if asked.
  • The safest boosting service – all of our boosters use VPN with a custom IP address while on your account. You CAN’T GET BANNED.
  • Top Quality boosters – all of out boosters are Diamond II +, you can simply improve by watching them in action.
  • 24/7 support – we will answer all of your questions.
  • Watch and learn – you can spectate the games played by us with a secondary account. If it is not already added to your main account leave us a message with your summoner name. After some time you will know how to get diamond without our help, and play with the best players!
  • Play on your account – You can pause your order in our “Order tracking“ interface. Please leave a specific comment if you need your account just for one game or more. The booster can let you log in on your and take a little break. You can simply ask one of our boosters to play specific lane, champion, fix your runes etc.
  • Order tracking new_img- You can track your order. You can log in to our “Order tracking” section to see if there is anyone playing on the account currently or if it is free.

Placement / Unranked Games

Placement games are very important. First 10 games will decide about your division. Allow our professional boosters to give you an amazing start. We guarantee 70% win rate. If we somehow lose more, don’t worry! We will reward you with bonus wins.


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Login and password you entered will be used for your account in "Order tracking" section.

Division boost

Division boost is the easiest way to place you in the right division, get you out of Elohell! This option is available only for players who after Ranked Game get normal LP amount (more than 15 per win/loss). If you gain less than 10 points, please use our Boost per Wins . To have your LP gains fixed.

How to purchase

Your current division

Your desired division

Login and password you entered will be used for your account in "Order tracking" section.

Boost per win

We have decided to create an alternative option for people who only need to win few games (not the whole division). Boosting your lol elo per win is a perfect option when you need our help with your promotion series to the next division. Also it is the best way to test the service. Per win boost has also been created for people with an extremely low MMR – if it is hard for you to climb up divisions because you’re getting 5-15 league points per win and about 20-25 for defeat on average the only way to fix this is to win games in row. It is not hard for out boosters to fix broken MMR. We will focus on winning as many games in row as it is possible. After large winning streak you can even earn like 25-30 points and lose 10. It gives you a fresh start in playing League of Legends. Please keep in mind that if you are buying wins while being in promotion, we need one “lose” available.

How to purchase





Login and password you entered will be used for your account in "Order tracking" section.



elo boosting


profil lolking: *restricted*
20 EUR/H


elo boosting


profil lolking: *restricted*
15 EUR/H


elo boosting


profil lolking: Pooffeek
15 EUR/H


elo boosting


profil lolking: Adlazius
10 EUR/H


elo boosting

APC, Support

profil lolking: *restricted*
20 EUR/H


elo boosting


profil lolking: *restricted*
10 EUR/H




profil lolking: *restricted*
15 EUR/H



Can I play ranked games?

No, you can’t unless it’s a duo Que. You are only allowed to play normal and custom games.

Cheap elo boost, how is it so cheap?

Well, we got around 18 boosters boosting for us at the moment, we have to keep our prices low to attract new customers, simple.

Can I trust you?

Yes you can, we have already boosted around 700 accounts. No one ever said a bad word.

How can I check if someone is playing on my account?

You can check it on www.lolnexus.com or in our “Order tracking”. Or contact us.

How does duo Que work and why is it more expensive?

Price for duo Que is higher than for standard boost, because you will play on your own account and the booster play on other account in similar division. One of the assigned boosters will email/skype you and schedule the games with you. Duo Que is not coaching so boosters usually don’t use any voice communicators.

I don’t have paypal, how could I pay?

There is a lot of different ways to pay for our service. We prefer paypal but we can also accept paysafecards (price +25%), skrill, bank transfer and western union. Please contact us for more details.

What happens after the booster logs in?

He starts his boosting service. He ignores every whisper, he does not flame, blame or do anything against Summoner’s Code. He assists his team with helpful pings and calls.

Can the boosters play with the champion or role that I want?

Yes, you can provide us witch such information in post – sale form, which appears after you purchased one of our boosts.

What if the booster drops down?

We will fix it, and deliver desired division. We will also replace the booster if it was him playing bad.

I bought 1 win, but the booster lost, what now?

It is impossible to win every game, the booster will win 2 games in that case.

How long will you work on my account to get my desired division?

We gain one division per one or two days mostly.

Can I have a refund?

Yes, we can refund whenever we fail to deliver, although we have always succeeded so far.

Can I play on my account while you’re working on it?

Yes, please use our Contact form, or pause your order in “Order tracking”.

Can I watch the games performed by the booster on my account?

Yes, you can ask the booster to add your second account to friends so that you are able to spectate. Don’t have secondary account? Don’t worry, we will provide you with one.

I would like to advertise your service, what are the benefits?

Please use our Contact form so that we could talk the details.

I would like to become a booster, what shall I do?

You need to be minimum Diamond 3 to apply. Please use our Contact form to apply.

Is there any other way to contact you?

Besides the Contact form, you could always add us on skype_img– www.get-elo.com

I’ve made my payment, what now?

Please wait until you receive an email from get-elo.com with your login and your password to our “Order tracking” panel. Please login and read notes from our booster, also check if your account is being boosted or not right now.

Contact us

If you have any questions, please do not hestitate to contact us.

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  • NA – boosters
  • OCE – boosters


Minimal Requirements:

  • Diamond III

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